[ mis-Chif ] noun - (collective) A group or pack of rats.

Hailing from Hamilton, New Jersey, Charles Laurita & The Mischief is an all original powerhouse. Once described as “the love child of Black Sabbath and James Brown,” the band sports their very own brand of music, aptly titled, “Alternafunk.”

With a tight horn section and heavy dance grooves, as well as their solid basslines and memorable melodic styles,

The Mischief breaks down the barriers of genre and offers something to music lovers of every walk of life.

Current Members

Charles Laurita - Guitar/ Vocals

Ralph Conte - Bass

Will Sarver - Drum

Chandler Scales - Tenor Sax

Sean Joyce - Trumpet

Will Caldwell - Bari Sax

Greg Marsh - Clarinet

Chris Tuccillo - Alto Sax

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